Getting Closer

Jenn had another checkup today, and it looks like things are progressing towards a delivery. The baby still hasn't fully dropped into the pelvis, and Jenn hasn't dilated much, but the doc did say that she was about 50% effaced. The Dr. made sort of a funny comment. She said she would just love it if Jenn broke some membranes over the weekend. That is something you don't hear everyday! The doctor is still a little concerned about the size of our baby. She doesn't want Jenn to experience any more pain than necessary, so as soon as the baby is able to deliver, she will likely induce the delivery. It would be great if everything fell into place over the weekend, but from the sound of things, the delivery is still a couple of weeks off. We have another appointment on Tuesday to check on progress. I'll have another update for everyone then.


Jade Mason