Life is getting more and more hectic. Here is a rundown of what I did yesterday

0700 - Alarm Went off
0725 - Got out of bed
0735 - Out of shower, getting dressed
0750 - Chugging breakfast (SlimFast) heading out door
0805 - Arrive at work
0815 - Retrieved first cup of coffee - begin checking e-mail
0845 - E-mail replies completed, start work on document revisions
0930 - Break for meeting with product vendor
1030 - Continue to next meeting to analyze what went wrong on last project
1130 - Break for lunch. Play three games of euchre. Have cup of noodle soup
1230 - Return to desk. Checkout Yahoo News, Slashdot, Fark, and the Nintendo forums
1330 - Resume work. Continue coding on new project software upgrade. Second cup of coffee.
1715 - Work day over. Get colleague and head to Windows User Group meeting
1800 - Arrive at IWUG meeting. Eat pizza and chat
1830 - Meeting starts. Discuss wireless networking
2015 - Meeting over, head home
2030 - Arrive home. Assemble new glider (rocking chair) for baby's room
2130 - Finish glider and dispose of box. Watch last half of CSI
2200 - Review glider with the wife, and find that it is good
2215 - Sign on to forums.
0030 - Think about getting some sleep.

Needless to say, it made for a really long day. I crawled into bed around 12:30am, but I didn't fall asleep until well past 2. I'm not sure what it was. I was hot, uncomfortable, the dog was lying next to me. The IWUG meeting was pretty informative. It gave me some ideas on how to protect my network, and how to find out if there are some attacks running against it.


Jade Mason