In with the New, Out with the Old

Our collection of computer equipment continues to slowly grow here at the house. About a week ago I was looking at the top of my desk at our networking equipment, and I started thinking. We had a cable modem, a Cable Modem Router, and a Wireless Access Point. I was thinking, "Surely I can somehow combine this equipment." And I did! I hopped on eBay and found a Netgear wireless router and 4-port switch that would do the job of the seperate router and access point I currently have. The price was right, and the new toy, I mean, piece of computing equipment vital to our network, arrived today.

Now that I have this handy little device, I don't really have any use for the other equipment. It is still in fine shape, and should work for anyone who needs it, so I decided to sell it on eBay. If you think you are in the market for something like this, just check out the listings:

If you win the auction, we might be able to work out some way for you to pick it up and avoid the shipping costs.


Adam said...

Wow, that was fast! Less than an hour after posting the ad for the Wireless Access Point, someone on eBay used the Buy-It-Now feature to get it. I still have the router left though, if you are interested.

Jade Mason