A Geek Triumphant

Not content to simply redo the arcade, I installed a bunch of software on our home PC this week as well. I've been wanting to try a piece of software called Bugzilla, which is a open-source tool for tracking bugs in software. I thought that it might be a nice tool that we could use at work to help in tracking bugs in our projects. I wanted to try an install at home first before I ran it on a box at work, so I setup our home machine to run apache web server, MySQL database, ActivePerl, and CVSNT. I followed instructions on the Bugzilla site for installing on Windows (it works better under Linux, but I'm not going to mess with our home PC just yet). I had it up in one night, and I installed it on a PC at work today.

Once I was finished working on our home PC, I realized that I had a working web server, which meant that I could now serve web content from our home computer. So tonight I setup a free service to allow me to serve the webcam from our house. I'll be a little bit better about turning on my webcam at work now that the picture will actually update. I think serving web pages from my home machine might not fall in line with the terms of service for my ISP, but I won't be serving a lot of content. Anyway, I'm just excited that I got this to work!


Jade Mason