Camera Memory

We have a 2-Megapixel digital camera that we like to use for all of our picture taking needs. Back when we got it, 2-Megapixel was a very nice camera, and it still is. In the high resolution mode, we can print out an 8x10 picture and it looks great. Unfortunately, memory for the camera was really expensive at the time, and we stuck with the original 8MB card. We can only fit 10 pictures on it in high-res mode. We've turned into real shutterbugs with Corbin, and 10 pictures is really limiting. Jenn asked me to check out a bigger card for the camera. I was very happy to see that prices have come way down. I just ordered a 128MB card from Computer-Memory-Store for $20. They carry a lot of flash, magnetic, and other memory devices. Now we'll be able to take 150 pictures at a time. I doubt we'll ever take that many in one outing, but it is nice to not worry about memory limits anymore.


Jade Mason