More Linux....

Boy, this week sure has flown by. We did a really good job on our international presentation on Monday night. Our group presented on Cuba. It is an economics course, and I learned some interesting things about Cuba's economy. They have a GDP per capita (a measure of productivity, roughly by person) of $2,900. Compare that to Americans who have a GDP of $37,000. Cuba is a pretty poor nation economically speaking. Still, they have a fairly good health care and education system. The literacy rate is above 96%, and average life expectancy is over 76 years. That is on par with or better than the US. Still, I wouldn't want to live there.

Volleyball was a lot of fun on Tuesday. Wednesday nights, Jenn and I have gotten into the nice habit of curling up together on the couch to read books. Jenn is doing some fun reading, and I'm catching up on my reading for the leadership program at work. Thursday night we watched the new episodes of CSI and WIthout a Trace. We also watched The Amazing Race on Tuesday. We love those shows!

I have had several meetings with customers this week, so I've been traveling a bit. I was in Connersville, Greenfield, Shelbyville, and Lafayette this week. Hopefully all of these visits will turn into purchase orders.

I've also continued to dabble in some experimenting with Linux. I read a review of a live disc called Beatrix linux. It was rated as the easiest to use of all of the live disc versions. A live disc is a cd that you stick in your computer and it boots directly to the linux operating system. I have to admit, I was pretty impressed with this little CD. Little in a physical sense too, as I was able to burn it on a 250MB mini-disc. It booted up without any problems and I could browse the web, check e-mail, write a document, and chat using MSN and Yahoo right away. Pretty impressive. I still haven't had a chance to try out Mono or any of the development tools ( I took a break and played Metroid Prime 2 for an hour last night) but maybe I'll get a chance at that some late night this weekend. Anyway, this week has just flown by and I thought I would catch you all up.


Kingery Family Blog said...

ok...that pic of you holding up that disc is funny!

Jade Mason