Television Sucks

I'm really unimpressed with the quality of television programming lately. Jenn and I are sitting here, and I'm trying to ignore Big Brother 5. I think the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy have it right: Television is the Drug of the Nation. Jenn is addicted to reality TV, and I'm always astounded at the stupidity of the "stars" of these shows. Big Brother 5 is a prime example. People on the show are basing their decisions on, I kid you not, a pinky swear. A pinky freaking swear! I can't remember a time, even in grade school, when a pinky swear had any merit. To see grown adults basing their decisions on such a moronic form of contract totally boggles my mind.

Now The Apprentice is on, another reality show where the contestants try to earn a job from Donald Trump. Seeing as how the Trump empire recently filed bankruptcy, I'm thinking this may not be the wisest move in the world. Prior to either of these shows, the pilot for "Joey" was on. It followed in the same footsteps as friends. That is to say, it made up for poor acting and worse writing with a thick layer of laugh track. Ugh...

There are only a few programs I enjoy watching on TV anymore. I like watching some of the specials on Discovery and TLC, because I can actually learn something interesting. I like watching Last Comic Standing because it makes me laugh. I enjoy CSI for the suspense and intrigue. Otherwise, I'd rather be on the PC, browsing the web, keeping up on current events, playing video games, or in some way keep my brain active. Television just seems like brain rot lately.


Jennifer said...

Blah, blah, blah. :) You are not forced to watch TV. Go downstairs and enjoy your video games. :)

Jade Mason