MBA 326 at IWU

I'm taking classes at Indiana Wesleyan towards earning my Masters in Business Administration. We meet every Monday evening from 6-10pm for our workshops. The program is divided up into several courses, each course spanning several weeks. We only take one course at a time, which is nice as it allows us to concentrate on just one subject at a time. Tonight we finished up Advanced Statistical Analysis. It was a tough one for several students, but I think I managed to get through it successfully. Next is Advanced Marketing Management. All of the students in my course will stay together as a group, called MBA 326, and we will take all of the courses together.

As part of our coursework, the MBA 326 group is subdivided into smaller work groups. Each group is responsible for working together on group assignments, papers, and presentations. I often meet with my group outside of class, other on-line or in person, to work through some of our major assignments. I'll chat with Jenn about these folks, but she has never met any of them. Tonight, since I had the new webcam with me, I decided to take some pictures to fill in the gaps.

Dr. Dele (Dele is short for Oladele, his first name). He was our instructor for statistics.

A look at the class, from my seat for the day. (modified seating due to presentations)

My Work Group
OctaviusNaelMegan (on left) and Rita (on Right)

These are the folks I spend time with every Monday night.


Jennifer said...

Thank you SO MUCH for posting these! Now I can picture who you are talking about and the exciting classroom that you are in on Mondays!

Jade Mason