I've been craving a good greek gyro for a while now. I think the Olympic Games sparked my hunger. It got me to thinking about greek food, and how long it had been since I had a good gyro. I checked out the phone book to see if there were any good greek restaurants nearby, but I was out of luck. There was a rumor that the only one nearby had recently closed. I remember Queen Gyros in Kokomo was a good place to run in and get a quick gyro. It looked like you might catch something there (disease or bullet, your choice) but the food was great. Tonight, as we were trying to decide on where to go to eat, we wandered by Opa! It is a nice little greek fast food chain. It hit the spot perfectly. I had some spiced lamb on some delicious pita bread, a caesar salad, and I topped it off with a little baklava. Mmmm boy! I'm all set for some sleep now.


Adam said...

I'm staying at the Holiday Inn you see on the map, just a block away. This could be dangerous. I could be subsidizing Opa this week. :-P

Jade Mason