It's 3am and I'm sitting in front of the PC. Why? I couldn't sleep. I made my first attempt at sacking out at 1am. I layed there, tossing a bit, thinking about the paper I had to write for class. It is a two page paper on how we use data at work to make decisions. After an hour of that, I was still wide awake, and my sinuses had decided to drain and give me the pleasure of a stuffed nose. Rather than keep Jenn up with my tossing and sniffling, I hopped out of bed, downed an antihistimine, and headed to the basement. I managed to get my paper done. I won't have to do it later today, which is a bit of a relief, but I'd still rather be sleeping. I'm hoping the sedative portion of that antihistimine kicks in soon so I can get some quality shut eye. Stupid insomnia. Shut off, brain!


Jade Mason