Google Rules!

Google gave me a couple of nice surprises today. Jenn mentioned over the weekend that she had heard that Blogger (which is owned by Google) was now hosting pictures. Sure enough, I check it out this morning and I can host pictures, unlimited pictures, for free, on Blogger. The other thing that I notice is that Google has offered me a GMail account. For those who haven't heard of the service, GMail is an e-mail service offered by Google. They provide 1GB of storage for your e-mail. That's about 2,000 times as much storage space as I had with my Yahoo! mail account. The idea is, you never delete an e-mail, ever. Instead, you leave everything in an archive. Google crawls through your archive of mail, and selects ads that you might be interested in based on the topics of your conversations. I think it is a pretty fair trade. So I'm going to play with my new toys for a little bit today. Thank you Google!


Jade Mason