Witch Hunter Robin

I've been watching a new cartoon on Cartoon Network called "Witch Hunter Robin". I saw a couple of commercials for it and it looked sort of interesting, so I setup the DVR to record it. It comes on Monday through Thursday at midnight. I missed the first couple of episodes, and so I'm still a little fuzzy on portions of the plot, but it has me intrigued. The story revolves around an organization called the STN. Specifically, it focuses on the Japanese unit of the STN referred to as the STN-J. The STN-J is responsible for hunting down people who were born with a witch gene, and to capture them before they become dangerous. Evidently, when the witch gene is awakened, the person is able to use powerful magic, and is usually overcome by the sense of power and goes on a killing spree. The STN-J has a system for tracking the folks with this gene, and attempts to get to them before or just as their power is awakened.

Robin, who is a new member of the STN-J, is called a craft-user. She has the ability to make fire at will. From what I understand, she is still struggling to understand whether she herself is a witch, and if she might eventually be hunted by the same people she works for. She is also conflicted, since she is using the same power that the targets of her hunts are captured for using. It seems a lot like the plot from Blade Runner. With each new episode, we learn a little bit more about the STN-J, Robin, and the crew she works with. In most cases, the STN-J attempts to capture the witches alive, and transport them to a place only described as the factory. The STN-J group is made up of a handful of people. Amon is the leader of the hunting party. Robin is his faithful side kick. Michael is the computer expert who mainly stays back at the office and provides the group with updates on their target. There is another craft user in the group, although her name escapes me. She has the abiliity to "scry" items. Using this power somehow lets her learn about the use and history of an object, as well as who may have been in contact with it.

The episodes are 30 minutes long, and have a very mysterious X-Files feel to them. The characters are usually outfitted in very gothic attire, and the mood of the series is very dark. Each episode focuses on the hunting of a new witch, and small bits of back information are given during each episode to help explain how Robin became part of the STN-J. For some reason, I just can't stop watching this series. If you are ever up late and looking for entertainment, check out an episode.


Jade Mason