I finally got around to finishing up the web pages for the Boilercade. The arcade cabinet has been finished for some time, but I never got around to getting the web pages detailing the construction completed. Actually, the cabinet still has some items that I would like to add to it, such as logos on the sides and marquee, a trackball, a coin door, and maybe even a faceplate to cover the monitor. I haven't been very motivated to get those items done though, especially since it works and we can play on it now.

All of the game consoles have been installed in the cabinet, and now I spend a lot of time in the basement, playing on it. I don't spend as much time on the MAME games as I thought I might, but I'm still getting a lot of good use out of all of the effort that went into building it. I can't thank Hack enough for all of his help with the woodwork. There is no way I could have done half the job he did. I submitted the site to Arcade Controls. If we get added as a project, I'll provide an update to announce the good news.


Jade Mason