I'm in my Finance class right now, and I'm really struggling to stay awake. Not because the class is boring (which it may be otherwise), but because I didn't get any sleep last night. Saturday night I stayed up pretty late (3:30am?) with Corbin. I slept in late too, which was a mistake. I didn't roll out of bed until 11:30, and so I had a terrible time getting to sleep last night. I kept Corbin happy until 2:30, then crawled into bed and stared at the ceiling for an hour. I just couldn't sleep. I'm not sure when I actually fell asleep, but I do know that my alarm was going off at 7, which means that I got very little sleep last night. For some reason, it didn't really phase me throughout the day. I was pretty good all morning, and I was still going strong at my Dentist appointment in the afternoon. The two cups of strong coffee probably helped that out. I dropped by Jimmy John's on the way to class for yummy Billy Club on white with no tomato. They even had a no cholesterol bag of salt & vinegar potato chips, which is a rare find there. I got to class and munched down my sandwich, and was alert throughout the first hour of class. The second hour was a completely different story though. The temperature in the room was going up, and my eye lids were hanging down. I tried not to look like I was falling asleep, but it was tough! I hope we get out of here early tonight so I can go home and crash on the couch. I know Jenn will be there ready to watch Average Joe : Adam Returns, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it through the whole thing. Ugh, must...stay....awake....


Jade Mason