The Rumors of my Death have been Greatly Exaggerated

Sorry for the long snap before posts. Over the holiday weekend, I caught some type of nasty sinus infection. Corbin had it first in the form of an ear infection. Jenn got him to the doctor and within a couple of days on meds he was back in good shape. I wasn't so lucky. I picked it up on Saturday. It got worse through Sunday. Monday I went golfing with my family, and added a sunburn to my misery. Tuesday we went to the zoo, which was a blast, but didn't help my cold or my sunburn. So my first day of work at Integral was a real struggle on Wednesday. Fortunately, I'm now starting to feel like I'm coming out of it. I'm not 100% back to good health, but at least I can breath through my nose again. I'll get some updates on here about the stuff I didn't have the energy to write about last week.


Jade Mason