Have you ever had a secret that you couldn't confide in anyone, but wished you were brave enough to tell the world? PostSecret is a very cool blog for just that. It is full of postcards that people have written their secret on, and mailed in. Some are hopeful, some are funny, some are sad. It is kind of fun to read through them and see which you identify with.


Samuel said...

Wow, truly amazing. The one that said I am think I'm ugly because I'm half black, half white really upset me. My two kids are both have a black mother. I knew going into it that sometimes biracial kids have a hard time because neither the white kids or black kids relate to them. I hope that changes for my kids and I assume the person that sent the post card in was older.

Anonymous said...

WOW. I mean, really, wow. I think it's almost scary how many of those very easily could have been sent by me. But then on the flip side there's those "secrets" that I just feel really bad for the person who sent it in becuase it should never have to be a secret in the first place becuase it's not anything to be ashamed or scared of. Wow.

Jade Mason