New King of the Castle

For the past couple of years, I have held the title of "King of the Castle" at Flexware. I earned the title by eating a record number of White Castle burgers, also known as Slyders, in a single sitting. In a one hour period, I ate 17 sandwiches. It was a mixed lot of chicken, chicken with cheese, fish, hamburgers, and cheeseburgers, but 17 was the record. This beat the previous record held by my coworker Josh, who had choked down 15 of the little steamy burgers in his last record attempt. The record stood at 17, hovering out there for anyone to try for it.

Now that I am about to leave Flexware, I was afraid that the title might be permanently retired. I wasn't about to let that happen. So today I went to the castle to feed the crave. I picked up three crave cases, one plain, one with cheese, and one with cheese but no pickles. A crave case holds 30 Slyders, so I was packing 90 sandwiches when I strolled back into the office. I was sort of debating whether to get two or three cases, and it was a good choice to go for the three.

Everyone was sitting anxiously at the lunch table as I returned. Eyes lit up as the boxes of Slyders entered the room. I distributed the cases, and we began to dive in. I tried to act as a pace setter, and quickly downed my first five burgers. Josh laughed with a bit mirth, and continued his onslaught. Others at the table (Hack, Kevin, Jeff, Dwayne) made respectible efforts, but fell short of the goal. Others tentatively tried a couple of Slyders, some for the first time. They were with us in spirit at least. In the end, I decided to make a strategic stop at burger 11, recalling the incredible amount of pain I endured during my record night.

Josh, cheered on by the growing crowd, continued to pound down one White Castle after another. Asked if he was getting full he replied, "I'm not full, but I'm getting really tired of eating." The warrior pressed on, and at the end of the hour time slot had completed a new record of 20 White Castle burgers. Josh has my respect, and the new title of King of the Castle.


Kingery Family Blog said...

did anybody warn his wife what was coming home tonight?? Poor woman!

Adam said...

Josh is, inexplicably, still a single man looking for Miss Right. I'm not sure if this accomplishment will go on his resume when introducing himself to the ladies.

Absenth said...

Just the smell of a White Castle on a warm summer day is enough to make me rethink the whole lunch thing for the day. Growing up in Milwaukee, a city devoid of White Castle slider I never built a tolerance to the grease, smell, or flavor of the slider.

Grats to your co-worker on breaking the record.

I however might choose to call in, should I ever hear of such a contest scheduled for lunch where I work. :)

Adam said...

Even though I grew up here in Indiana, I never sampled my first White Castle until 2002. A couple of other guys in the company had gone on a crave run, and let me try one. I don't know what it is about those little things, but I've been a fan since.

Anonymous said...

I do have to say I miss White Castle. I was only introduced to them in high school when I first moved to Indiana, but I really like them. And of course, they don't have them down here, so I'm out of luck. At least I know one person who has even heard of them (my best friend's hubby is from Wisconsin, so he loves them too). I still wonder what people in this state think of the "Harold & Kumar..." movie since most fo them used to look at me funny whenever I would mention White Castle (I've since just given up talking about them).

Samuel said...

I heard you are either a fan of the sliders or could careless. I could careless. Interesting story so I'll share my one and only white castle experience. I ordered 4 sandwiches and ate two. Most disgusting sandwich I've ever eaten in my life. I love "burgers" and I can recommend "Famous Jacks" near the HHGREGG on 96th. Best burger in town. Order that with a Red Strip and you are as near to heaven as white castle is to hell. HA HA

Jade Mason