Good Feeling

Driving home from class on Monday nights is a great feeling. I get out of class at 10pm, and it is a fifteen to twenty minute drive home. I usually open the sunroof, roll down the windows, and crank up the stereo. It is a really nice feeling, knowing that the hardest day I'm going to have all week is done. The night air is cool, and is relaxing as it swirls through the car. The roads are fairly empty at that time of night, so I have multiple lanes of free sailing all the way home. It feels like all the stress that has built up throughout the day just melts off on that drive home. When I get home, Corbin is usually asleep, and Jenn and I get to spend an hour together before she turns in for bed. Mondays are hard, but it is such a great feeling when they are done.


Jade Mason