Busy Busy Busy

Has it really been over a week since I've written anything here? It's been a really busy couple of weeks. At work, I've been toiling away on a project to convert software for the OS/2 operating system to the Windows operating system. It really helps that Windows NT and on were based on the OS/2 code, so there are a lot of cases where I simply change the name of a function call, or switch the order of the operators and the software works fine. There are millions of lines of code in the project, though, and I've been keeping very busy getting them ported over. There are four of us in the office, working on the code as a team. We're hoping to be finished with the initial conversion in August so we can begin testing to verify that we got it right.

Outside of work, we're keeping pretty busy as well. After a week off, we had our third meeting for Statistics. We had a quiz that night, and I think I did pretty well. A number of the students in the class are unhappy with the instructor. He has a really thick accent, which can make him difficult to understand. Statistics is not an easy course either, so folks are frustrated to begin with. When the instructor gives an example, it often causes more confusion than it solves, and then he gets frustrated because we didn't understand his example. We had a sub on the second week, and my classmates seemed to like him a lot better. They were trying to convince him to take over! I've contacted the university to see if there is any way we can work out a resolution to the situation, but I'm not really sure what we can do.

Tuesday night volleyball is going well. We had a record turnout this week with 23 people in to play. That meant we were able to open up both sides of the gym and play on two courts. I'm hoping that we can keep the numbers up. It is always more fun when we have more people, and it is part of the Church's mission to bring in more folks.

I'm actually kind of glad that I have been so busy lately. It makes the weeks fly by, and it makes the weekends seem longer. I love spending the weekends with my family. This weekend will be a big weekend with Corbin's baptism coming up. It looks like we will have close to 50 folks dropping in to celebrate. I'm not sure where we are going to park everyone, but I'm excited that so many people are coming. This is gonna be fun!


Jade Mason