Public Information

It is sort of amazing the amount of information that is available on the web. We hear every day about folks suffering from identity theft, or private information being released on the web. A buddy of mine at work pointed out another source of info. Does your county provide a Geographic Information System (GIS)? Hamilton County, Indiana, does. You can look up the entire tax filing for each property in the county. Want to know where Reggie Miller of the Indiana Pacers lives? Just pull up the digital GIS info and checkout 14301 113th Street E. Poor Reggie had to pay over $60,000 in property taxes last year.

That this kind of information is available on the web just completely boggles my mind. You would think that this would be protected some how, but since it is of public record, anyone can get to it. I'm sure Reggie doesn't want folks dropping in, or even looking at his tax records. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like there is much he can do about it.


Jade Mason