I can't believe it!

I actually did pretty well on the final exam in my law class! I thought for sure that I was getting a B in that class. I got my test back last night, and I did well enough that I'm on the borderline between an A- and an A. I'd be happy with an A-, but I would be thrilled with an A, as it would allow me to retain my 4.0. The law class was scored out of a total of 1000 points. We received 250 points just for showing up to class, 250 points for participating in our group presentation, and then 250 points for each of two exams. I scored a 199 on the first exam, and had full credit for class participating and attendance. I scored a 241 on the final exam, which gave me a total score of 940. In order to receive an A, you had to score 95% or higher. an A- was 92% - 94%. I'll cross my fingers that the instructor bumped me up the percentage point to get an A, but if not, that is still okay. It was a very, very difficult class, and I'm pleased with an A of any variety.


Jade Mason