Financial Advisor

Jenn and I went to a financial advisor (American Express Financial Advisors) to discuss our savings plans for the future. We both wanted to start saving for a college education now, so that we would be well prepared by the time our soon to be born child reached college. I was also worried that my life insurance was inadequate, and that my retirement portfolio needed better management. We spoke to the advisor for a little over three hours, and he had a lot of good things to see. We both felt a little relieved to be getting a professional on the case to help us out. Right now, we are very lucky in that we don't have enormous debts hanging over our heads. We are in a position where we can live our lifestyle without worrying about money, and we want to make sure we can keep on living that way. With Jenn leaving her full time job to raise our kids, we are losing a significant source of income. We will need to watch our budget a bit more, but we have been living off of my salary for a while, so I'm not too concerned. The benefit of having Jenn at home to raise our kids far out weighs the money we are giving up. Plus, the cost of daycare is just outrageous.
Next week we will go in with a bunch of our old bills and bank statements so that our advisor can start putting together our plan. I'm excited to get this started, as it will be one less worry on my mind.


Jade Mason