Trash Barrels

We use Republic Waste for our trash disposal. Over the weekend, several people on the main road through the subdivision received new barrels from the company with the Republic Waste logo. We didn't receive one, but our friends who live on that road did. The barrel came with a note that indicated that they were to use the new barrels. I guess the trucks are equipped with a special arm for emptying the new barrels. Reactions were mixed. We were pretty excited that we might get one, because we currently don't have any trash barrels. Our neighbors, however, already have barrles, and don't know where they will be able to keep the new ones. Also, the note indicated that only what fits in the barrel will be emptied, so there is a chance that we might be getting less service than before. We still haven't received ours, but then, neither did anyone else on our cul-de-sac. Maybe we'll have one when we get home.


Jade Mason