Rainy Day

It's raining today. It's gloomy, windy, and cold outside. I feel like going home and curling up in front of the fireplace. Just get all cozy with my family and forget about the rest of the world for a while. Playing a video game might be fun too :-) It's been a pretty strange week. Monday was my last day of class for my accounting prerequisite. I'm glad to be through that, but I know that I have 8 more weeks of Advanced Managerial Accounting to look forward to. The final for the prereq was sort of a joke. It was a 25 question matching exam. There were 25 terms and 25 definitions. Some of the definitions used the term too, which made things even easier.

Tuesday was a big day for us. We went in to the doctor for Jenn's 20 week exam. We had an ultrasound, and we were able to see our baby! It was really amazing. There on the screen was this little person growing inside of Jenn. We were able to see the heart beating, the stomach, the kidneys, the bladd, the face, the hands... everything. It sort of looks like an alien right now, with huge eyes that the head doesn't quite wrap around, and a tiny little mouth. It was kind of cute when we saw that the baby had the hiccups. It was also putting its hands in front of its face, which was neat. Jenn had some orange juice and cookies before we left for the doctor to be sure the kid would be active on the scan. It was really neat. I'll try to remember to bring the picture into work so I can scan them in.

The next two days I spent at CAT in Lafayette. Not much to say there. Some good TV on Thursday night (Survivor, CSI). I really hope that Rupert goes far in the game. He's the only one worth watching right now. So that leads to today. Today is just sort of a blah day. I never really got started on anything at work. I started the day working from home while waiting for an installer from Lowe's to install a new storm door. Unfortunately, when the guy arrived he had the wrong color door. Looks like it will get installed on Monday now. Then I went to the Tire Barn and had my new rim mounted on my car. The old rim was definitely dented, and so hopefully the tire will stop leaking air now. If not, I give up on that car. When I got back to work, it was almost time for lunch, so I didn't really start anything. I grabbed some Chic-Fil-A food and played euchre (yay!). This afternoon, we all just sort of slacked off. We chatted around the office some, and I never really got motivated to do anything. Now Jenn and I are planning on going to eat some potato soup at O'Charley's. I love potato soup! That should start the evening off right. Then we're thinking of going to the new Barne's and Noble in Noblesville to just browse around for a while. I dunno. This is sort of a rambling post without any point. Sort of like today. Nothing much going on. Just hangin out :-) Have a good weekend!

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Jade Mason