I think I must have built up some good karma from keeping my temper in the AT&T store. Immediately afterward I went to Wendy's to pickup a couple of burgers for lunch (it wasn't supposed to take double my lunch hour to get the phone thing done). I asked for two singles with cheese (quarter pounders). That's it. The guy at the window asked for $6.34! I was kind of incredulous, I said, "Are you sure, isn't it $2.69 per single?" He said it was more than that, and then you had to add tax, bringing it to $6.34. He then offered to change them to Juniors, which I agreed to. The new total was $2.44 (which still doesn't make sense because this was off the 99 cent menu, and sales tax in my area is not 23%). He shouted to the guy at the other end of the kitchen to make them juniors, and they guy shouted back that they were already done. The cashier then said he would still just charge me the $2.44. I tossed him three gold dollars and told him to keep the change. Three bucks for two quarter pounders I can live with, over six bucks is robbery.


Jade Mason