The Continuing Saga of the PrePaid Number Transfer

So after my ordeal last week with trying to get my number ported, I went back to the store today to "finalize" the transfer to a pre-paid GoPhone. I arrived at the store to greetings from the manager and clerk (who recognize me at this point). They invited me to have a seat while they took care of modifying the account.....this is when the sinking feeling set in. The clerk was unable to modify the account, again. So he called customer support, again. He waited on hold, again, for 15 minutes, and finally came away with a new excuse: this can only be done from a corporate store. The store manager rolled his eyes, apologized profusely, and asked me to drive about a mile down the road to the nearest corporate store.

Arriving at the slightly more busy corporate store, I wait while the clerk there is on hold with the same customer support folks (he couldn't change the account either). After another hour of waiting, he gets off the phone and say, "It just can't be done." Apparently, once a number is associated with a business phone, it can never, ever be made into a prepaid phone plan. I suggested that I go to T-Mobile and transfer the phone number: no dice. I was hungry (skipped my lunch again) and frustrated at this point, so I asked him to just cancel the account and credit me back the cost. He agreed to do that. He then set me up with a new phone number and I bought a $25 airtime card for my phone. What a hassle.

At this point, I have no love for AT&T and their pre-paid phone system, so I'm going to shop around with other service providers to see if they have anything interesting (possibly with a cheap phone included to upgrade my aging Nokia). Any suggestions? Anyone out there on a pre-paid phone plan that they like? Is AT&T, warts and all, really the best bet?


marta said...

My mother in law has a phone from Sam's/Walmart. She paid $30 for the phone and it came with 300 minutes. She then goes back to store and buys 300 min for $30 when she needs to and within the prescribed time limits. The minutes roll over as long as she purchases more before the time is up. I don't think the phone number can be transfered though.

Jade Mason