TV Follow-Up

The television issue has a happy ending.  As a result of very good customer service on the behalf of both Samsung and HH Gregg, I have a replacement set in the basement now.  The day after my last post I plugged in the set and it wouldn't come on.  The power indicator was lit, but it never showed a picture.  I was at day 11 on the set, and HH Gregg policy says they don't do returns after 10 days, so I was afraid I was going to be stuck.  I called anyway and was thrilled that they would replace the set.  I put it in the back of the van and within two hours was back home with a new unit in back.  This was a much better solution, because once something breaks, even after repairs you'll always wonder how much longer it has.  The new set is working just fine.

I also received my second day delivery package from Samsung.  I was expecting just to get a CD with the firmware and it would be on me to transfer it to the television through a USB key.  Instead, it contained a 1GB USB key with the firmware already loaded!  So kudos to Samsung customer service for that!  

Even though I initially had trouble with the first set, I think this experience really validates my opinion of both Samsung and HH Gregg.  Samsung is a quality manufacturer with excellent customer service.  HH Gregg is staffed with knowledgable folks that go the extra mile for the customers.  They will both definitely be getting more of my business in the future.


Jade Mason