Cell Phone Search - Continued

I got a couple of interesting suggestions on that last post.  The parameters of my search have modified slightly.  I have the following choices before me: 

  • Choose any phone I want, and any plan I want, but I have to pay for both
  • Choose any phone I want from Verizon and get voice only service, completely free to me
I know a lot of folks are passionately averse to Verizon due to their draconian tactics with regard to phone features.  They do have the best coverage though.  Free is definitely a good thing to me.  If I were to go the Verizon route, I think my choice would be between a Samsung Saga and a LG Decoy.  If I were to go outside Verizon, there are lots of interesting options.  Is it worth the cash outlay on my part though?

I think I'm leaning towards the free option.  Any reasons why I should change my mind?  Any suggestions on a particular Verizon phone model?


Sam said...

I've had Verizon for 7 years or so now. Often I've had coverage when my friends don't, although sometimes the txt message delivery is unreliable.

I would encourage you to consider the Nokia 6205. When I replaced my old Nokia with a Samsung U410, I liked the additional camera and such but the voice quality was definitely much worse.

It doesn't usually appear anywhere that I can figure out in the specs, but see if the guys at the store can work out some way for you to hear the phone audio quality.

Adam said...

The only aversion I would have to that phone is that it is a flip phone. I really don't like flip phones. We found my old Nokia 3120, which is a candy bar style phone. I plugged my current SIM card in and it worked just fine, so I might see about putting it on a GoPhone plan and using that. It is an old Cingular phone though, so I'm not sure if it will work on the Verizon network.

Jade Mason