The Miserable Meteorologist

I missed my calling as a weatherman. Every time the weather is about to change, whether it be from sunny to rainy, muggy to dry, or whatever the barometer chooses to do, I know well in advance. How? My sinuses start giving me fits. Today is one of those days. Anyone who has ever been around me knows that the day of a good rain, I'm a mess. And no, I don't have allergies. Trust me on this one. I've had that torture session otherwise known as a prick test performed three times, and each time I had no reaction to any of the allergens. Do we really need sinuses? I mean, really, what purpose do they serve (aside from making me miserable)?


Absenth said...

I have the same problem. Although in my case it's a knee that, depending on how dramatic the change in weather, hurts bad enough I almost can't walk. Recently my sinuses have been messed up pretty much non-stop.

Adam said...

I always expected my foot to be my weather predictor, since I had surgery on it when I was younger. Unfortunately, my sinuses somehow won that job.

Jade Mason