New Feature: WebCam

Hey folks, I'm working on a new feature for my blog site. Last year I bought a couple of webcams so that I could peek in on Jenn and Corbin throughout the day. We've used them to do video conferencing through MSN messenger, but that's about it so far. Lately, I've been trying to figure out how I could setup my work webcam to show what I'm currently doing. I'm pretty close... I've updated the template to show the current shot over there on the right. Click on it to get a bigger version that shows the date and time when the pic was taken. What I need to do is make it so that the webcam software automatically updates the image on the blog. Right now, I have to update it by hand, which isn't very convenient. Once I get the upload thing taken care of, this should show what I'm doing while I'm at work. When I leave, it will shut off. There are a couple of other cool tricks you can do with it, but I'll just have to play with the camera before I get those up here too.


Jade Mason