Firefox Web Browser

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I'd like to encourage all of you web browsers out there to stop using Internet Explorer (also known as IE, Explorer, Intercrap Exploder, Trojan Horse, POS, etc.). Instead, switch to using the Firefox web browser. It is very easy to switch, and you should have no problem adjusting to it. On install, it will import all of your bookmarks from IE so you can start browsing right away. In addition, it includes a very well done pop-up blocker so you don't get those aggravating pop-up ads all the time. It also does not support a lot of the ActiveX plug-ins that IE is weak to that allow spyware and other bad stuff to get on your PC.

I can't promise that Firefox will solve all of your ills, but I have been using it for several months now and I feel that I can whole-heartedly endorse it over Internet Explorer. Why? I had been using IE at work all of the time for searching the web, developing my applications for work, and doing general web browsing. It worked okay, but every month there were new security patches out to block some hole found by a hacker, or to stop the virus of the month. I was tired of the pop-ups, the spam, and all of the other crap that spammers out there were doing. Firefox isn't immune to these attacks, but because so few people use it, spammers don't target it as much. This means that it is relatively less likely to get attacked by some spyware app. Plus, the Mozilla team (the folks who write the code) are constantly doing things to try to improve the browser. You can have live bookmarks that show you the latest stories on your favorite sites, an integrated Google search bar, customizable themes (skins), and just about anything else you might want to hook into your browser.

Of all of the questions that I get about computer problems, the most common one is a slow computer with too many pop-ups. This is the first and easiest step you can take to help alleviate that problem.


Jade Mason