Late Night

Some nights, I don't mind staying up past three in the morning. That is, if it is the weekend and I'm playing games into the wee hours of the morning. Tonight is a different story. At work, we've been fortunate enough to get a boat-load of work at the end of the year. Unfortunately, everyone is completely tapped out on time. I've been falling further and further behind on stuff that I'd like to have done, and my deadlines just keep creeping closer. So tonight I bit the bullet and pulled an all-nighter at work. I had a list of bugs to work out of one project, some analysis to do another, and initial development to do on a third. Right now I'm taking a little ciesta to stay sane, and to fix up a computer that my brother-in-law passed along from a friend. It looks like they reformatted it and reinstalled windows, but got stuck there trying to get drivers installed. So far, I've got the rest of the drivers installed, and I'm working through all of the windows patches that need to be applied. I've done my bug fixing and analysis work. After I'm done with this PC upgrade, I'll move on to my development. I've had two cups of coffee, and that has helped me to stay alert, but the effect is starting to fade. I remember all too well from my college days the effect of a third cup of coffee at this time of night. My stomach would start cramping, I'd get all jittery, and have no chance of getting anything else done. So I'm going to stay away from the cup of coffee and munch on these tasty caffeinated mints :-).

One thing I am kind of looking forward to is that Jenn said that she would come in with Corbin whenever he wakes up to have breakfast with me. I love breakfast food, and I'm looking forward to heading out to IHOP, Dennys, Papas, or wherever we go. Mmmm... breakfast.....


Kingery Family Blog said...

LOL...reminds me of a song by a band Jacob and Kaitlyn like, Soul Coughing,...."sometimes I was driftin on a coffee buzz"....I think the song is "4 out of 5" the videos of Corbin...Aunt Marta

Jade Mason