A Bigger Burrito

Jenn and I love QDoba. More generally, we love Mexican food, but QDoba has some awesome food. We are signed up for their e-mail coupons, and every other month we seem to get a buy one, get one free burrito offer. So today Jenn took advantage of another of those coupons for our dinner. Sometimes I just want a veggie burrito so I can enjoy all of the cilantro, rice, and beans. The steak and chicken burritos are both really good too, but the rice and beans are so good on their own that sometimes that is all you need.

Over the course of time, we've noticed that the veggie burritos are larger than the regular burritos. Not just a little bit large, but MUCH larger. Today, when Jenn got home, my veggie burrito was a good 50% bigger than Jenn's chicken burrito. I think the servers at QDoba must feel bad, like they are ripping me off or something, if they don't put any meat in my burrito. So to make up for it, they double up the rice and beans. Today's burrito was so big that it split through the tortilla. I couldn't finish the thing. It was just too much. Koby thought that was just fine, as he got to enjoy the rest of it. So if you are really hungry, go into a QDoba and ask for a veggie burrito with black beans, hot sauce, sour cream, cheese, and lettuce. You will be lucky to finish your meal.


Jennifer said...

That was the biggest burrito I think I have ever seen! It was also the first meal (in the 6 years I have known Adam) I finished before Adam. Needless to say we had nothing to eat the rest of the day. We really got our moneys worth with that meal. Qdoba rocks!!

Jade Mason