Review: Golden Son

Golden Son
Golden Son by Pierce Brown

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Continuing the tale of Darrow, Golden Son sees him graduating from the sandbox that is the Institute to the solar system of political machinations. Golden Son ratchets up both the complicated ambitions of each of the golden families as well as the diverse relationships between the characters. Even so, the action elements are retained.

As with Red Rising, this is still essentially a medieval fantasy novel under the guise of space opera. Battle sequences involve lances and swords, but we do see some larger fleet interactions as well.

One criticism I have is that the author often uses the trick of some surprise element of knowledge or capability that Darrow has that allows him to win a battle or defeat an enemy, yet we as readers were never privy to it in advance.

Overall, I'm enjoying this series and I will look forward to reading the third installment when it is released. If you enjoyed the first book I think it is definitely worth your while to pick up this second in the series.

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Jade Mason