Donor Point

If you are a current blood donor or have considered donating blood, now there is an extra incentive.  The Indiana Blood Center is offering rewards for donations through the Donor Point program.  Each time you donate, you get 100 points, and you can use those points towards rewards on the Donor Point site.  If you set your appointment through the Donor Point site and keep it, you get an additional 100 points.  If you make a habit of donating every two months, those points can add up fast.

Another benefit is that the site will keep track of your cholesterol level from each donation.  The result is a nice graph of your cholesterol level over time.  It is cheaper than a trip to the doctor, and it gives me the feedback I need to know if my diet and exercise are having the positive effect that I was hoping for.

Even if the rewards and cholesterol information don't appeal to you, please consider donating blood.  If a blood mobile is at your work or in your neighborhood, it only takes 15 minutes to donate.  The Indiana Blood Center supplies over 550 units of blood every day to 60 hospitals throughout the state, and equivalent blood centers throughout the rest of the country are under similar demands.


Sam said...

Things are pretty bad in So. Cal, we usually count on blood donations shipped in from the mid-west.

Since I'm O+, the Red Cross won't leave me alone...

Adam said...

I'm in the same boat (O+) so I get a regular e-mail every 2 months to remind me to go donate. Fortunately the blood mobile makes a stop at our office every 2 months to collect, which makes it very convenient.

Jade Mason