Yes We Can


Sam said...

I was talking with my friend TC who's a pretty hardcore right wing republican. Naturally he's upset with McCain, because that makes Hillary the most right wing candidate with a chance.

His opinion on the election is that the best possible result for the Republican party would 4 years of Obama followed up by a real conservative.

In other words, Barak may very well have the support of the conservative base of the Republican party for this election...

Adam said...

I've heard that kind of rationalization from other folks. I also saw the clip of Ann Coulter stating that she would vote for Clinton before voting for McCain.

The far right wing is an outspoken minority that has higher than average voting participation. Noam Chomsky has had some really good lectures on how truly ineffectual the entire election process is.

This is the first election where there has been a candidate running that I want to win. I've been listening to Obama's podcasts for quite some time, and I believe in his policy stance. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of Clinton. If the race were between Clinton and McCain that would be a tough choice for me, because I do like McCain.

This election year is something new for me. I actually care!

Kingery Family Blog said...

That is a cool video.. But, it really turns my gut to be courted by hollywood for my vote. Hmm..I just realized we haven't heard from Ashton Kutcher on this election yet..

Adam said...

No problem. Whose endorsement would you like to see, I'll try to arrange it :-P

Just kidding!

It is a strange observation that some of our most popular politicians have also been actors (Ronald Reagan, Ahhhhnold, Fred Thompson,

Anonymous said...

very entertaining video, I must confess that I only recognized abot one-fourth of the "celebs".
Many of the kids in my classes who are of voting age are excited about Senator O'Bama and voting this fall I hope he picks Bill Richardson as his Veep, he has foreign policy experience and an energy plan. No baby? MOM

Jade Mason