Wii - Two Months Later

We've had the Nintendo Wii for a couple of months now, and I thought I should get back and give an updated review. The Wii is awesome! This is such a cool toy! I had some fears when I first got it that it would be fun for a little but, but then lose it's luster as the controls turned out to be a gimmick. I'm glad that I can safely set those fears to rest. I received a couple of new games for Christmas - Excite Truck and Rayman and the Ravings Rabbids. Both are incredibly fun and take good advantage of the new control scheme. Excite Truck uses the controller as a steering wheel, which took me a bit to adjust to but Jenn picked up very intuitively. Raving Rabbids is a bunch of mini-games that have you perform different tasks with the remote, from drawing on the screen to navigating a plane and shooting in a first person shooter. Each game takes only a few minutes to play, and they are so goofy that you can't help but laugh playing them.

One thing I would definitely recommend is that anyone with a Wii and an HD television is to go get the component cables. I picked up a set at Best Buy this weekend for $25 and the difference was amazing. Now keep in mind, the Wii can only output 480p, otherwise known as progressive scan or Enhanced Definition (ED) mode. So it isn't going to take advantage of a true hi-def set like a playstation 3 or XBox 360 will. Still, if your television supports 480p, the difference is amazing. All of the colors in Zelda : Twighlight princess are brighter and warmer. I really wasn't expecting such an incredible improvement in picture by going to progressive scan, but it has to be seen to be believed. In my opinion, the new cables are just good a buy as an extra nun-chuk, they will add a lot to your gaming experience.


Jade Mason