Same Sex Marriage

Here is another case of our administration totally blowing my mind. When did we decide it was okay to start
discriminating people again based on their lifestyle choices. The president has put forth a bill to congress that
would create a new Amendment to the Constitution (think Bill of Rights here) that would make it impossible for
same sex couples to be legally wed.

This is my opinion on my marriage. Marriage is a religious affair. It is the joining of two souls in the
eyes of God to become one person. In my opinion, the government has no place regulating marriage at all, as I feel
it is a religious issue, not a government issue. The reason our government is involved is that we recognize
married couples for the purpose of special taxation, power of attorney, and ownership of properties.

I don't understand homosexuality. I don't have any gay friends, and I'll readily admit that I'm a bit uncomfortable
around the topic. I do, however, understand the concept of love, and it is my opinion that any two people that share
a love should, so long as our government recognizes married couples, have the same rights as anyone else. To
publicly discriminate against any peoples is wrong in my mind. I am aware that the majority of Americans do not
share this opinion (polls show just over 50% of americans support the idea of banning same-sex marriage). It just
seems so wrong to me that in the middle of a document detailing how fairly and equally all people in the US should
be treated, we would stick this black eye detailing how one group of people should NOT be treated equally.


Anonymous said...

I am so proud to have such a well grounded, intelligent and articulate son. You put many of my feelings into your blog entry and we seem to be on the same wavelength on mamy issues. I still think you would be an excellent op-ed writer for a newspaper! love ya! MOM

Troy from TODC said...

Marraige/Divorce: this is 100% a non-governmental issue.

Our country is so messed up. I can only think of our forefathers rolling in their graves with how messed up we've become.

Im not sure when, but marriage was always a religious issue until probably if I guessed, around the time they wanted to start 'taxing' marraige. LOL, taxes, im thinking taxation without representation.

*btw, thatnks for finally giving me something to read! I love your thoughts man! Maybe someday you can write a political article for TODC on this issue. You are so smart!

Anonymous said...

I can say that I am in agreement with you on this one. I do have friends who are gay and though I can't say I totally understand the lifestyle I do know that my friends became much happier when they finally admitted they were gay and stopped trying to be straight.

I am against any ammendments that remove anyones rights. There has only been one other ammendment in history that reduced someone's rights and we all know how well that one worked out.

We either need to allow homosexual marriage under the name marriage or there would need to be an ammendment making homosexual marriage legal becuase too many laws have been written to give rights to married people so you could not call it a civil union because the letter of the law specifies marriage.

Steve S.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I have to agree with your mom, that you'd be an awesome op-ed writer. Maybe you can do that on the side ;) Secondly, maybe this will end up being like prohibition (if it indeed does get voted in). After a few years, society will realize the error. While I don't support homosexuality, I agree that government should not interfere in the religious/personal lives of people.

Troy from TODC said...


If you don't support the gov't being involved in the religious/personal lives of the individual should we ban the governments role in the marriage process. As we all know that marriage was not part of the governments role until they didn't want interracial marraiges.

The point I am trying to make it that marraige should be between church and persons. Get rid of taxing couples at a joint rate and just tax everyone as individuals.

Jade Mason