My Addiction

I'm seriously addicted to World of Warcraft. It is one game that has totally consumed me. There is so much to it! The pic above is one of me and another fellow I met battling a dragon in the badlands region (I'm the character on the left with no text over his head). I play a (now) level 46 Human Paladin named CorbinDallas. There is just so much to do and see in the game that it is totally engrossing. Not only that, but the added element of guild life (a guild is a group of people who join together to play regularly, complete sections of the game together, and pool resources), has made my time in the World of Warcraft totally amazing. It's great to meet new people, share a game that we all enjoy, and enjoy tackling the different challenges the game has to offer. Since playing this game, I haven't played any other PC or console game. Usually I wear out a game in a month or less, but this one has real staying power.

The biggest hurdle for me in getting into the game was the subscription fee. There is a $15 / month fee to continue playing. I just couldn't get my head wrapped around the concept of paying a monthly fee to play a game. But now I totally get it. It's just like paying for HBO. Content is continuously added, and there are lots of things I haven't seen. I love this game!! If you ever decide to try it (and I feel that anyone could enjoy it) look me up on the Malygos realm.


Sam Danziger said...

I had the good fortune to be in on the beta test. Then when the game started for real my Dungeons and Dragons group started a clan on Boulderfist called Kobra.

I stopped playing because it became too much like work -- it ate up too many hours. Little heads up: if you're level 46 or so, the game is just getting started. Soon you're going to get into the plot intensive missions instead of the "kill 10 orks and find my boots" quests.

Troy from TODC said...

With no new posts, I'd say your addiction runs deep!

Troy from TODC said...

Corbin is your son right? Is Dallas his middle name?

Jade Mason