Rainy Day

Today is one of my favorite kind of days to be at work. For those who don't live in the Hoosier state, we've been deluged by rain and storms over the past couple of days. Today is no exception, with high winds and rain beating against the window. The thermostat is in check such that, while it isn't cold, the office is nice and cool. I have my steaming mug of coffee next to me on my desk, and I have settled in to noodle out some difficult programming programs. Sure, I would rather be at home with the family or playing games, but I have no desire to be outside right now. Some folks have the opposite reaction to these types of days. The rain and gloomy weather get them into a funk. Not me. Today is a day where I can feel productive, hidden away from the nasty weather at my desk, settled into a cozy state with my coffee and my code.

UPDATE: It stopped raining mid-day, but the wind kept up. The sun was out, and it was nice to come home to Jenn and Corbin playing outside


Jade Mason