Birthday / Christmas Lists

My birthday is coming up fairly soon, and folks who love me (yes some people are crazy enough to do that) are asking what I might like as a gift. I got to thinking about it, and it made me realize just how blessed we are. There isn't anything that I absolutely need that I don't already have. Sure, there are lots of very selfish things that I might want, but all of the essentials in life are covered. I have a wonderful, loving family, a fun and affectionate (if mildly psychotic) dog, a good job that I like, and plenty of hobbies to keep me busy. We've been so busy with work, selling the house, playing with Corbin, and basicly living our lives that I haven't found myself just sitting idle.

That said, there are still some things that would be fun to have. You can click the link on the right side of the page under where it says "Feeling Generous" to see a quick wish list I put together on Froogle. If I were to pick just a couple, here is what I would pick:

  1. Ninja Gaiden Black for the XBox
  2. One Year Susbscription to Sirius Satellite Radio
  3. Broken Angels by Richard K. Morgan
  4. A Gameboy Micro or a Nintendo DS
  5. "Walking around money" at Fry's

I always have reservations about giving out wish lists though. I'm into some fairly technical / obscure stuff, and finding the right item isn't always easy, even when you understand what I'm asking for. I'm also torn as to whether I really want to put more video game systems on my wishlist. I have plenty of systems already, and there are scads of great games for them at discount prices that I have never played. Still, it is a wishlist, so I'm going for it :-) The Nintendo DS vs. Gameboy Micro issue sort of vexes me. I mean, it would be sort of silly to have both, although I would certainly love to have one of each if anyone were so generous. The DS is a gameboy with two screens and a touch pad. The Micro is a tiny gameboy with a backlit screen. The Micro would be great for just keeping in my backpack or pocket, and would be a fun upgrade from my current, first generation Gameboy Advance that lacks a backlit screen (very painful, trust me). The Micro is only priced a shade less than the DS though, which offers TWO backlit screens, and plays not only GBA games, but also the new set of DS games that take advantage of the dual screen and touch pad.

The above list is pretty much in order of preference. It's a given that, if I get nothing else, I want a nice day with the family for my birthday. But if I were lucky enough to receive presents, Ninja Gaiden Black tops the list.

What would I "walk around" to at Fry's? I've been using my aging Gateway 2000 PC as a Linux computer for a while, but the old cow (FYI - all gateways come in boxes with cow spots, thus I refer to this lovable beast of burden as the big fat cow) just doesn't have the muscle to keep up anymore. I'd really like to have a bit swifter, second PC running Linux available. The reason is that our primary PC is getting bogged down by the services necessary to run all of the peripherals we've attached to it. I got a free motherboard from a buddy, and now all I need to get it running are the extras - hard drive, RAM, power supply / case, DVD. Once complete, I could attach all of our digital camera, video camera, scanner, printer, and other devices to it, and our primary PC could run smoothly again. Putting those items on a wishlist for someone else to buy is an exercise in getting people to hate me, so I chose to put "walking around money".

Hopefully this doesn't come off as incredibly selfish or greedy. Like I said at the start, I feel really good about how my life is going, and lucky to be in a position where I don't want for anything. Still, birthdays are a little bit about being selfish, so there is my list. Please coordinate with Jenn if you are getting anything, as she has a master list of who is getting what. Thanks family, I love you all!


Jennifer said...

Birthdays are the one day that you are allowed to be a little selfish. It is a celebration just for you! You deserve a great birthday and some gifts just for you. You are a wonderful husband, father, son and son-in-law!!!

Karla said...

That is funny... my inlaws and parents asked me what I wanted for Christmas recently too. I couldn't think of anything that I wanted either! I have everything that I want right now... especially that little gift that is coming in June. I think that a lot of us are lucky how nice we are living right now. When we all have nice houses, jobs, children, spouces and families, there isn't a lot more to ask for! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with your wife. Birthdays are the one time you're allowed to be selfish. Of course, I've always shared mine, so I'm never 100% selfish.... but I digress. This year I have a double chore of my bf's birthday being a week before Christmas. So, not only to I have to buy for a guy (guys are REALLY hard to buy for) who I've never gotten anything for, but I have to get 2 things, one of which I will be giving him around his ENTIRE family (since I'm going to Ohio for Christmas). Okay, this Christmas thing is freaking me out. Sorry to hijack your post.

Samuel said...

Im suprised your list doesn't have XBOX 360 on it.

Jade Mason