A Warning to Meth Dealers and Makers

To all meth dealers and makers out this, consider this your fair warning. You are now on my shitlist. Why? Because you have created yet another irritation when I go shopping for groceries. Today I needed to make a quick trip to the grocery store. I needed some basic stuff: bread, milk, and some sinus medication because my head is giving me fits. Milk and bread, no problem. Sinus medication? You'd think I was asking for black market arms. I was in the pharmacy section when I see the big sign: All products containing pseudophedrine are now behind the service counter. You know, the place they keep the cigarettes and the rest of the weapons of mass destruction. So I head over to the counter and sure enough, behind lock and key the attendant has a stash of allergy meds. They aren't on display mind you, so you have to carefully describe what you are looking for, and after two or three guesses, you actually get the product. But wait, you can't just walk off yet. Next, you need to present your driver's license, which is dutifully logged in a "He might be a meth dealer so note this down" log book. The time, date, type of med, number of grams of pseudophedrine, and your driver's license ID are all logged. Finally you have to sign your name that, yes, you were in fact snot nosed and feeling drippy that day.

So thanks a lot assholes. I have no problem with your ignorant urge to kill yourself either through the production or use of said illicit material. But when you start messing with my trip to get groceries, I get pissed.


Anonymous said...

I guess I have several thoughts on this topic. My first thought is, yeah it sucks that the Meth-heads have to screw up sinus medicine for all of us who severely need it! Second thoguht is, I guess if spending an extra couple minutes to get the drugs behind the counter helps keep drugs off the streets (and therefore out of our kids hand), I'll spend the extra time. Thirdly, the chemist in me wonders how far this will go. I mean, I know that meth is an exception in that it's ridiculously easy to make from common items, but there are tons of "ingredients" out there that could be used to make drugs. Are we going to put all these things on a list and make you show ID for them?

Adam said...

I don't take issue with the PURPOSE of the legislation... but yeah, where do you draw the line. Alcohol and Tobacco products don't require that much logging. Do prescription drugs have the same logging? Lots of people huff gas and paint to get high, should we log the purchase of that as well? And at the end of the day, I use a customer loyalty card, so they have all of my purchases logged anyway. Why not just use that?

Jennifer said...

This post just makes me laugh. Your thoughts crack me up!

Jade Mason