Fast Week

Has it really been a week since i posted anything? Wow, time has been flying by lately. I spent three days this week off-site at a couple of different customer locations. I'm still working on the same stuff: upgrading a mainframe application, porting a VB / COM+ / InTouch application to .NET, and various other tasks. I've also started a leadership initiative at work that will hopefully see me take on slightly different responsibilities, and lead me in new and interesting directions. This weekend I'm going to host a poker night. One of my birthday gifts was a poker table topper, and I'm anxious to try it out. We play poker (Texas Hold 'Em) every day at lunch, and I really enjoy it. We don't play for money, but it is still fun to try to figure out what other people are playing with, and trying to win all the chips. Poker has become quite popular again with all of the World Poker Tour and Celebrity Poker shows on TV now. It is a fun game, and it requires equal parts math, people skills, and luck. I'll post an update after the poker night with an update of how it went!


Jade Mason